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  • Found this link on the onederland thread
    and thought I should share. I haven't really had a good look at it yet, but what I did see looked great. I added it to my bookmarks & will try and burn some DVD's from it sometime this week!
  • How is everyone doing?

    I ate too much over the weekend and really felt it yesterday. I decided I need to stop over indulging and take better care of myself.

    I feel much better, less stress as my hubbie started a new job today. I was worried as he retired from the military end of July and it took him a while to find a job. It's a big relief.
  • Weekends are tough for me, too, Clydegirl. I went to Panera Bread with my daughter, and ate a decent meal (black bean soup & 1/2 grilled salmon salad), but then promised my daughter I'd get her one of their Pink Ribbon Bagels for her breakfast. Of course I bought one for myself, too. Then argued with myself all Sunday night over which I wanted more, the bagel or the scale numbers to show a loss Monday a.m.

    Luckily the bagel lost, and I was happy to see a nice loss on the scale Monday morning!

    Then I ate the bagel as a bedtime snack last night :-(
  • newbie to 3fc
    Hi everyone,
    I,m 45 year old mom of 3, children 27,22,&13 Just got married for a second time in Aug . I re-joined ww last Tues. and am so glad I found this site, I have been reading for the past week and decided to start posting. I look forward to meeting new friends and trying to offer support if I'm able. I'm still trying to figure out the site ,so please be patient with me if I mess up.
    I also have a couple of questions, does anyone know what the wendie plan is? I read it on one of the turtle pages.
    Also I have a big problem with Tim Hortons coffee, I'm addicted to it and at 6pts ,(I like my cream and sugar) I really need to find a replacement ,I have only 1 in the morning now for the past 10 days thats down from 2,3 and sometimes maybe even 4 a day. I know it sounds awful, but somehow I got into this habit and need to get out...HELP.... I have tried it with milk and sweetener and it's just not the same I really have to just replace it with something else, does anyone have a suggestion please?
    Hope you all have a super day
  • Welcome Smiley.

    Here is a link to the wendie plan. Scroll down to post 10 by Steelslady it's on her blog.

  • Hey all, I'm back in town after a nice vacation in the mountains. It was so relaxing in a mental way, but really demanding in a physical way. The scale looked good today, but I'm waiting until Monday's official weigh-in because I think I might be a bit dehydrated right now. So, I'll hope for the best!

    I hope everyone is having a good week! I have a lot of catching up to do, so hopefully I can post more later. I just got through the mountain of mail/newspapers and I'm working on laundry now!!
  • Thanks
    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  • Hi Diane welcome back.

    Did you catch any elk?
  • Nope, did not see any elk that we could shoot. There are regulations on what you can shoot and what you can't. We're going deer hunting this weekend, but then I'm coming home Sunday. I have to go back to work. My husband will stay up in the mountains until Tuesday, unless he gets something sooner!

    Talk to you all more next week!
  • How is everyone doing?

    It's quiet in here.

    Diane Go Rockies. Will you get to any games?

    I did a huge cleaning out of my closet this morning and got rid of a bunch of clothes. All the smalll stuff that I was keeping for a rainy day is gone. I've had a lot of it for years.

    I'm walking now that the weather has cooled down and feel so much better about myself.

    All you people MIA pop in and let us know how you're doing.
  • I'm MIA only because I'm spending so much time watching the fire coverage. Oops, time to pick up DS from school!
  • Quote: I'm MIA only because I'm spending so much time watching the fire coverage. Oops, time to pick up DS from school!
    Stay safe out there. Are you near any of the fires?
  • Hi everyone
    See some names I recognize. I am 46 ( in a few days ) mother of two, 20 year old boy and 17 year old girl. Nice to find another place to chat. Have been on this site since may 9th. So many nice people. Hope to get to know everyone better.
  • shy moment
    Nice to see you over here, lookiing forward to chatting with you more.
  • oh you just see me all over the place lol