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Default The things I miss most

About my teens - first kisses. Other than that I don't want to be a teenager again.

About my 20's - my breasts. I used to have a nice set, weigh gain and 9 years of nursing babies took care of that though.

About my 30's - my activities. When the older kids were younger I did PTA, scouts and the like. It made for a varied social life. I'm still learning to replace all of that now that my youngest has started moving into puberty.

All in all I would have to say that I like who I am now as I start my 40's. I think growing to like myself and have confidence in myself is what helped me to finally get started working on the outside. 40 years gone - hopefully 40+ left to enjoy.
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I miss the nieve attitude i had about thinking, "life will be easier and i will have more freedom when grow up". It gave me something to look forward to. Now that i am grown up...its not that freeing (with two kids, dh, and two dogs) and its definately not as easy as playing with my barbees all day. ha ha.
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I don't miss anything, except skin that defies gravity. I love being this age and the life I now have! I got my GED and enrolled in college at 40. Since then my confidence has grown leaps and bounds. Tomorrow night I'm going all by myself to join a weight loss support group. There was a time not long ago that I would never have gone somewhere like that by myself. Once this weight is off of me I will be fearless!
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Hey Im a Stacie too.
I miss school. I dropped out, but want and will go back. I also miss my ex-best friend but, I quess she didnt see it that way. Thats all for now. Many more years to come and hopeful I wont let them get away from me.
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I miss my early 20's. It was such a fun time in my life.

All I worried about was what club we were going too.......which concert.......if my hair was poufed up & out enough.........hanging with the rockers........only having to pay for car insurance & afew $$$'s weekly in rent that my dad asked for..........

.......and most of all........I WAS AT MY THINNEST!!!!!!!!!
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I miss the natural straw blonde highlights in my hair mostly. It's getting darker, and I refuse to get it colored or bleached. I miss of course, being a lot slimmer ... and I thought I was fat then at 20 pounds over my ideal! I miss having guys flirt with me. I miss being in awe of things. I miss a mind that was more still, in retrospect, not having the agonizing anxiety loops go around and around in my head.

The good news? I think I can get most of those things back though !!! Just needs some conscious effort.
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I miss going out and not having to worry about getting home "on time" when I was in my 20's. I miss being able to hop on a train if I felt like it and be in NYC in a couple of hours just for the **** of it.

I miss pretty much nothing about my 30's (except I had a great hairdresser when I lived about 20 miles from where I am now- hmm... maybe I should go back for hair visits). Otherwise, the kids were small, my husband worked too much and the house was a nightmare. I did get to ride horses often, though.

In my 40's I live in a gritty neighborhood, but my friends are all within walking distance, I have a great job and hope to find another great one when I'm laid off in September (have several prospects) and I think I look pretty damn good. My husband is great- no more high pressure job- and my kids are blossoming.
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I miss all the things I didn't do because I felt I was too fat. I miss that I didn't participate in life to the fullest for the last 30-some years. Even though I am overweight now, I try hard not to let my weight get in the way of new experiences - but there are still things I don't do because of my weight. Like a helicopter ride in Hawaii a few years back. Between my partner and me, we would have had to pay for 3 seats and I just couldn't force myself to do that. Next opportunity, I will be more fit and more healthy and weigh less and be able to take that helicopter ride. I promise!
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