Five Day 40-something Challenge!

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  • hey...where are my fellow challengers???

    well..I did a bunch of work today (plus my swim)

    I made stuffed peppers with extra lean beef (7%) and "rice" ( I use shredded cauliflower) was delish...and I also had a 90 cal edy's vanilla ice cream with ff cool whip and Waldenfarms cal free caramel...

    so I 'm doing ok...I am UNDER my cals for the day...but I am fine...not hungry...

    come back everybody!!!
  • I did great the first day, exercising on the bike for 30+ minutes and swimming for 50 minutes. Yesterday, however, I felt a bit under the weather (allergies) so all I could do was some arm exercises with the stretchy band. I even took a nap, I felt so drained. I plan on doing more today, though- perhaps a nice walk and the exercise bike again. Too cold to swim, and it doesn't look like it's going to get warmer for another week.
  • Quote: Ok, I'm late getting in on this. I'll give my support and go with a 4 day challenge! ha!
    Laura, I got this picture of you pulling some unsuspecting stranger down a walking path. Funny!
    Steelslady: No idea they had weighted hoolahoops. I couldn't do the normal ones, not so sure that would work well for me!!
    Have a good one!
    There is a thread on the exercise board, and some folks gave an explanation as to why adults can't hula hoop- they need bigger and heavier hoops to be able to do them. I read around the internet to see if this was the case, and it appears to be true. Curves and other gyms have them- I myself had no idea there was any such thing for adults! I use to be like my oldest daughter and be able to hoop for hours. I'm lucky if I'll get the hoop to rotate once before falling , but I look at it this way, one way or the other, I'll get exercise. By trying to get it swirling, to squatting down to the floor to pick it back up and try again.
  • Good calorie count, bad food quality yesterday. But I walked a lot. I got a new MP3 and am loving the variety of music I put on it.
  • so my 1st day was good (already reported) taday I had tuna again!! so much leftovers these days.... and 2 20cal lifesaver popsicles...I am addicted to them I think....and a is almost lunch time but I am not hungry yet....

    lots more work to do today and I swam for 25 min....
  • Played tennis for 40 minutes tonight. While the kids were retrieving the balls that were hit out of the court, I walked around the court so I was moving the whole 40 minutes. We had a blast.
  • I don't suppose having 20% of your calories coming from wine is good?

    Naw, huh? But I am staying nicely active outside and am relaxing!
  • Quote: I don't suppose having 20% of your calories coming from wine is good?

    Naw, huh? But I am staying nicely active outside and am relaxing!
    was it FAT FREE wine?
  • But of course!
  • Ok, I'm in. I'll start tomorrow!! Monday....yuck. It is a long weekend here in Canada

    I am at 183 and want to get down to 140, not too much weight to lose, but feels like I am scaling a mountain

    Oh well, here to weightloss
  • Yesterday was low calories and lots of activity. I feel good and will weigh myself at work this morning.

    That actually wasn't hard. It would seem that being part of a short challenge just kept me more mindful of what I was shoving in my face.
  • Back In Contact Report
    WOW Ladies!
    Everyone is doing SO well!
    I've been eating healthy but skipped the journaling Fri thru Sun while we were on our "mini break." Friday and Sunday I had a large Mocha Latte at Starbucks. (bad) I estimate it at 1000 calories. If it's less, don't tell me. If it's more...please let me know.
    Other nutrition/portion control, was good, except for the fish crackers Sunday night.
    It appears that I'm better with portion control under 2 conditions. 1- Someone else (adult) is watching me eat (read eating with me, not making "observations" or judgements). 2- I eat every meal at the table (not the car, in front of the TV, at my desk, etc).
    The great news is that Thurs, Sat, and Sunday I walked 2 or more miles! (Yay!).
    My motivation is SO high. I just have to make it thru today! I'll start again on Thurs (since I have that day off it will be more of a challenge).
    This seems to be great for helping me with the motivation I need for consistancy.
  • Monday Checking in!
    Hi all! My computer's been down since Thursday night as I suspected, but it was nice coming in this morning and seeing every one's commitment. Just thinking about you guys out there kept me on track this weeknd!

    Did great on Thursday and Friday. We moved our offices, so lot's of exercise and good healthy food choices. Saturday and Sunday were a little harder because of early 4th of July parties. BUT, I ate good breakfasts and lunches both days and really didn't do too badly at the picnics. AND I walked about 3 miles each day!

    Today I am doing great and munching on a salad as I type.

    I weigh in on Tuesday's so this Thurs-Tues challenge is PERFECT for me!

    Hang in there everyone! Hope
  • Oh yes, that was good. We may have to do that again in a couple weeks!
  • Little Goals
    Well Ladies,
    I don't know if this short little challenge was good for anyone else, but it was good for me.
    I learned some stuff:
    - Even in a 5 day challenge, I was inconsistent with my workouts (missed 2 days)
    - I would rather do housework than work out
    - I really need to concentrate on drinking enough water
    - I have difficulty in the evenings when I'm tired from work (Monday evening I found myself standing in front of the refrigerator saying (outloud) "I had a plan to deal with my sweet tooth. Now what is it?" Eventually I remembered and was able to ingest appropriately.)
    - My life is an "on the go" life. It's a challenge to maintain a food journal.
    I didn't realize that I'd learn 5 such things about myself in 5 days. But I did. So, I'll be doing the challenge for myself again starting on Thursday.
    (That does NOT excuse me to go off track today and the 4th.)
    Thanks for joining me on this short journey.