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Originally Posted by redhead14 View Post
WI#13 down 3 more lbs!!
So close to the 50lbs gone. Never believed it was possible for me to drop this weight.
Everyone enjoy your weekend.
Congrats to you! I sooooo hope to be where you are in that amount of time. Way to go.

Originally Posted by stolaf View Post
Hmmmmm....I have my weigh in tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. I've had amazing losses each week and I'm afraid this week may 'only' be a pound. I just have to stay on track and keep going
I used to be upset with only a pound because you work so hard for such a small loss but this past week put things into perspective. I thought for sure I was going to be up on weigh in day because of how the scale looked all week and when I lost 1 pound, I was less than excited, but after thinking about it long and wasn't a gain and it's a pound closer to goal. Be proud!

Originally Posted by kellyg53 View Post
For quick relief, mix a Tbls of apple cider vinegar in 8-12 oz of water and drink it down. It works for me.

Good luck!
I'm not sure I can do that. ACV is one thing I have trouble with. If it gets REALLY bad I will have to put my big girl panties on and just do it. Thanks!

Originally Posted by jennylauren19 View Post
Sorry for this, but I need to vent a little. Last night, my boyfriend's company was entertaining clients at a hot new club. My BF really wanted me to go, even though I knew I would be the only sober person in the place. I went because my BF begged me, and it was horrible! We first stopped at a pub, where everyone was eating nachos, potato skins, and every other type of fried appetizer you can think of. Everyone kept trying to force me to eat some, and I had to say no so many times. They also kept trying to get me to drink! I kept saying no, and two people actually bought me a drink, even though I said no. My BF had to drink them.

Then we went to the club, where we had bottle service and the alcohol was flowing like water. EVERYONE was trying to force me to drink, even though I had explained that I was on a strict diet and did not want to blow the past 5 weeks of hard work. Again, people would poor me drinks and hand them to me. I finally got so annoyed with everyone trying to pressure me and not respect my decision, that I had to leave.

What is everyone's obsession with drinking alcohol? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me a glass of pinot grigio, but why do they feel the need to force it on other people. It was a really difficult night to get through, but I can proudly say that I was 100% OP. Needless to say, I will not put myself in that situation again until after I'm in maintenance.
Originally Posted by futureskinnygirl View Post
When I found out my husband needed emergency surgery this afternoon, all I wanted to do was eat to relieve the stress (old habit) But, I didn't. I ate two bars spaced out and a packet. Better than grabbing a snickers in the vending machine. I still managed to weigh in today and I lost 5.6 pounds. Woohoo. We are all home and he is doing well. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
I deal with this too. Luckily we hang out with a lot of the same people a lot of the time so they are used to it at this point and have finally given up. Sucks you had to leave because they were being like that but good for you sticking to your guns.

Originally Posted by Pxlkitty4 View Post
I don't understand people when it comes to alcohol.

In the future, I suggest asking the bartender for a club soda with lime and have them put it in a tall glass. Maybe ask them to add some mint leaves so that it looks like a mojito. Tell people that you are drinking either a gin and tonic or a mojito... I would even suggest telling the bartender that you are on a special diet protocol that doesn't allow alcohol (because of the sugar), but would rather others not know. They'll think you're pregnant and hiding it, but who [email protected]?
I found this last sentence funny because last night my nephew asked if I'd been drinking and when I said I can't drink he gave me a funny look like "what haven't you told me". I hurried and explained it wasn't on my diet.

Originally Posted by gettinmygrooveback View Post
I am numb. Yesterday AM was my "official" WI#11. I was beside myself to see that 201 on the scale, so happy knowing 199.5 was right around the corner! This morning I got on the scale (I weigh everyday and have done so since day 1) and I'll be d***, if the sucker didn't read 199.5. I have weighed myself no less than 10 times this morning with each reading at 199.5. My pattern has always been to drop on the weekend. At every WI, I have dropped at least one pound the next day......unusual but you haven't heard me complain. I was expecting my body to hold steady and hover at 200 for days.... give me one last fight. Is this real? Did I really DO it? OMG I am in ONEDERLAND So why am I so numb? And why am I petrified that someone is going to take this away from me? I haven't cried yet, but at some point that numbness is going to wear off and the tears of joy are gonna flow. I did it...I did it....OMG, I did it!
Nobody is going to take that away from you. And you are going to keep going and continue to amaze all of us and yourself. You got this girl! Congrats to you!

Originally Posted by iowahawkeyemom View Post
Hello everyone! I'm jumping back on board and thought no better way than to start posting in the daily thread again. It's been some months since I was on plan and I'm back to stay till the finish line. I've been off program basically since December of last year. Gained around 18 pounds back and have finally got me head together again. It feels wonderful even after just one day!

Looking forward to reading everyone's accomplishments which helps keep me in check.
Welcome back.
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