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Default First Goal!

Today is the day I met my first goal. (35 lbs!)

I started on 1/1/11- this seemed like a good date for a fresh start!

So, as of today, I am 35 lbs lighter!

I just set a new goal, to get me closer to "normal BMI". When I started in January, i wasn't even sure if I could make it to 150, let alone to another lower goal, I had always thought, "what if I could make it to 140, or 135 even!" but in reality, my goal was just 150. Just make it that far, and take it from there. I think just making it this far gives you the confidence to keep going. It does get so much easier as time goes on!

I'd really like to thank the people who post on this forum. Although I don't say much, I'm reading here every day. When ever I have a question, I can usually find an answer here.

There were stalls, and road blocks in the last 8 months, but just as everyone here says, 8 months ago- I am so glad I started! If I hadn't, 8 months still would have passed, and I wouldn't have this great achievement to show for it!

I'm much too shy to post photos, but just wanted to express how pleased I am, and add another "I did it" story, so others continue to know how possible it really is. I am SO HAPPY to be out of the "OBESE" BMI range.

On to the new goal! And to even better health and happiness!
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