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Well, I just saw the orthopedist again about the patellar tendinitis. Although there has been improvement, there is not enough to go back to dead lifts (or anything interesting).

He said that if I injure it again/more that the recovery will be even more difficult. The knee is swollen but did respond to Ibuprophen when I took it. But, I have no desire to keep taking that. So, I put ice on it every time I sit down (not often ).

I forgot to ask him if he thought wraps or braces or straps would do any good. I've been using the little strap under the patella and I think that it might be useful. My trainer isn't so keen about braces, wraps, etc. Anyone have an opinion on those devices?

The orthopedist says, as he always as, don't do anything that hurts and don't bend the knee more than 90 degrees.
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