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I personally do workout hard, I know I do lol. BUT I do not eat any extr points I earn nor any of my weekly's. I am trying to lose weight, I likft heavy and hard 3 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. After every session i have a protein shake as well as something with sugar (fruit or G2 gatoraid). Its 4 points (the protein shake), its chocolate, and its super good for your muscles (protein!) as well as curbs my apetite for the next few hours. If i do get hungry i grab a handful of carrots. Also before you workout you should not have anything with sugar in it as you are just burning those calories you just ate and not tapping into the fat you want to lose. I workout from 1030-12 everyday besides sundays and I have a protein shake right when i get up before working out and one after. 4 points may seem like alot to be drinking but I also dont get super hungry until Dinner/after dinner. I also graze. I think this is just a motivation thing and feeding your body the PROPER nutrients it needs versus OMG you are starving. If you are feeding it the proper nutrients pre and post workout, you shouldnt be hungry for a couple hours. JMO tho.
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