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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
If you put it another way, are you thinking that thin people are more mentally agile (smarter?) than obese people? I don't think I've ever heard any evidence of that... and obese people certainly don't need any more negative stereotypes...
No, that's not what she said and that is not what the evidence suggests. Evidence suggests that older obese people tend to lose their mental sharpness more than their thinner peers. And this makes complete sense to me because while thinness does not mean better fitness, more people who are fit are thin than heavy and fitter people are healthier people which includes how the brain functions. If your body is struggling with high blood pressure, high blood sugars, high cholesterol, etc, don't you think it slows the brain down too? Makes sense to me.... Of course, these are generalizations.

Now back to the OP. Yes, I do notice my mental faculties are improved with weight loss, but more than anything, I attribute that to better sleep which I started to get as soon as my health got better.

My complexion is way better. I sleep better, my cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure and now normal where they were all bad before. I have way more energy too. Now of course, I had a nearly dead thyroid going on too. So what led to what, who knows. It's all interrelated in my case.

Oh and I had developed a heart arrhythmia at is now gone too.

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