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I haven't noticed increased mental clarity, but I have noticed my breathing has improved. I am also a professor, and I sometimes teach classes online. I narrate presentations to give my students more of an in-class experience. Last year, when I had recorded a presentation and was reviewing it, I noticed that I sounded out of breath. It was so distracting sounding---even sort of creepy--LOL! So, I had to re-record, making a special effort not to breath so heavily. I was so saddened by this because I had never had this problem before and I just knew it was caused by my weight gain.

Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago when I was recording another presentation. I had forgotten all about regulating my breathing and just spoke as usual. When I started to listen to it, I all of a sudden remembered that I had not paid attention to my breathing, but the recording sounded just fine. That means that my breathing is now normal. So, besides the smaller pants sizes, I'm really happy about that side benefit of losing weight.
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