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Batch cooking with help you with the cooking energy and wear and tear, too, since you're cooking one time and making a lot of meals.

So for example, you can make yourself 6 breakfasts fairly easily, by cooking once:
-1 dozen eggs, beaten (2.00/dozen - I can usually find them cheaper, but not sure where you are located...this is what I pay for the free range eggs at my farmer's market)

-1-2 boxes of frozen veggies (I get these on supersale, usually, and use coupons if possible, so my cost can be 50 cents for the boxed kind, then I stock up as much as possible at that price). You just want to squeeze out whatever excess water there is before adding to your eggs - broccoli and spinach are both good. (50 cents to 1 dollar)

-Salt and Pepper

-If your budget allows and/or sales are good, you can add some more protein (a small amount of bacon, sausage, or ham, chopped up fine can go a long way) or some cheese you grate yourself. ($1 or so, depending on what you use).

You just mix it all together, put into a slightly greased 12-cup muffin tin, and bake until they're set/firm. 2 is a serving, and the total cost (even with a dollar of extras in the form of cheese, meat, and two boxes of veggies) is 66 cents/serving. If you just use eggs and veggies, it goes even lower per serving. It's also a great way to get veggies, with all of their nutrients and fiber, and protein, AND you've got the whole week ready to go at once so it'll be quick once you do it, so you can grab and go.
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