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Morning all. Quiet here. Boss is out through Wed.

Ceejay - Sounds like you had a nice weekend with the uncles and the cousin 7 her lttle girl. Keep cool! We're having another hot and muggy day today here. I hope you get some rain soon. I hear the drought in TX is causing foundations to crack!! I actually heard on one of the HGTV house-buying shows a while back that it was definitely something to be wary of in TX, and now it's really widespread because of their drought. Good for you and your plan to lose 30 pounds!!

Happy - You made a lot of progress this weekend - good for you chicky. Hope the meetings with the realtors go well and at least one of them impresses you enough to want to hire!

Mel - Glad it was relatively quiet this weekend. Hope you keep feelin' good!! Just be good to yourself and I'm sure you will. Love the new avatar & siggy graphics, and all the other graphics. Keep 'em coming!!

Annie - Sounds like you had a good day off - until hurting your foot. Were you out there barefoot?? I don't do that often, having stepped on a nail as a kid... Hope the doc makes it all better!!!

Michelle - Sounds like you had a packed weekend. I was just talking about packed weekends with my friend yesterday. She's been keeping busy all summer to avoid being alone in the house (it's 1 year ago today she lost her dh). I understand that, but I hope she can learn to feel at least comfortable (if not ecstatic) spending some time by herself. As for me - I have to have my "alone time" and I don't like to have packed weekends very often. But then again, I wish I were a better planner and gone to more fests, etc. Yes it's hot and muggy, but that's the way it's been this summer and I'll miss out on a lot if I let a little sweat (okay, a lot of sweat, LOL) stop me!! Nice you spent so much time w/ dmil while she was here this summer. Yeh, I've gotten that catalog maybe once before - OMG is the stuff in there expensive!! The Thunder Shirt site has some sort of satisfaction guarantee, so it might be worth a try - have to read the fine print on that.

Hi Ellen!!

Nothing much to report. After a late lunch yesterday we went to Walmart for groceries, dog food, etc. Watched some tv and got to bed at a reasonable hour.

This morning I cancelled my standing monthly train ticket order so I don't buy a monthly for September, when I'll be out of the office for two weeks. Stupid website can't just suspend it for one month and then go back to my usual order - I had to cancel it completely and then I'll have to remember to set it back up for October and going forward. Whatever. I save ~$30 because I only need a couple 10-ride tkts. instead of a monthly.

I slept in on Saturday and went to a 10:30 Body Blast class. Good workout. I got 4 classes in last week and will shoot for 3 this week.

That's about it for me. Everyone have a good day!
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