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Default Fell off the wagon. I need a hand getting back up...

Well... I've been trying dieting for about 4 weeks now. I started the Slimming World Diet, which is really good and involves mainly eating fruit/veggies/lean meat and fat free stuff. The first week I exercised for 5 days and lost 4.5lbs! The other couple of weeks, I didn't exercise and I lost nothing. I lost all motivation and I've been on a 7 day binge. Argh. Fortunately I only put on 3/4lb (I thought it was gonna be wayy more). So after having a stern word with myself (and after realising I'd eaten all the chocolate in the house) I now realise that I have to do this diet properly again!

I know the diet only worked in that first week because I exercised, but I HATE exercise and have never really done it before.

I was hoping that someone could help me devise a plan that I could stick to. I can't afford/bring myself to do spend lots of time with exercise, but could perhaps do 1-2 hours per day. The following is an example of things that I did...

Pilates session at my local gym (love love love it!). I have a fitness DVD that has 30 mins worth of cardio and 20 mins worth of stretches and toning exercises. And I sometimes ride my bike to the next village on a fairly flat route. There's also a Zumba session at my local gym that I can go to once a week. I also enjoy playing badminton, but I don't know whether an hours worth would really count as exercise...

At the moment I have a very sedentary lifestyle, but I'm hoping that changes soon with my work placement coming up. I'm just sat at home waiting for my background checks to come through so I can start!

Please help!

Bust - 96.5cm; Upper waist - 71cm; Lower waist - 78cm; Hips - 96cm; Arms - 26.5cm; Thighs - 55.5cm;

Goal: Run 5k. Be able to do 50 proper press-ups!

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