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Question Frustrating weight gain!

I was diagnosed with a microadenoma in 2010 but I've been showing symptoms since 2008. I am 1.56m (5"1) short and I have gained 35 kilograms (roughly 80 pounds) in the last three years even though my lifestyle and eating habits haven't changed. In fact, I eat healthier now than ever before with smaller portions and more veggies. I do not drink cold drinks(sodas), only water. My biggest transgressions are a beer or three at night and minimal exercise but it's not as if I used to be the most active woman around. I am now 26 and grossly overweight and it's fueling my existing (yet managed) depression.

My GP told me about bromocriptine but the neurosurgeon recommended I stay off the meds until such a time comes that I want to fall pregnant. In the meantime, I look pregnant!!

If anyone has any tips or advice, please feel free to tell me!
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