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Originally Posted by jennydoodle View Post
I'll give you a quick example, one that I personally consider a NSV for me this weekend. Up until this past week, whenever I would go to the store to get my salad stuff, I would walk around and look at all the junk food and say to myself "my first cheat day in P4 is going to be EPIC! I am going to get a starbucks drink, a bag of goldfish, a candy bar (etc...). I am going all out and going to eat all day all the foods I haven't had in months and months." Now this weekend, these feelings of having an "Epic Cheat" like I thought have started to subside. I am not thinking of going on an all day food bender and starting to look at the junk food in a different light, and that it really is junky food.
I was the same way! When I'd see my family eat something I'd say, "that's going to be the first thing I have on my cheat day in phase 4." Now I woke up this morning with a 3.4lb loss (although I can't record it because it's not weigh in day) and I told my hubby, "First time I've ever lost weight on pizza night!" Probably helps that I didn't TOUCH the pizza but it put things in perspective.

I love the program. I was going to start on a Monday and got so excited I started on a Thursday. The only hard days I had were the first 3. Day 2 was horrible as far as headaches and such but you are detoxing to the max so that's to be expected. Your energy is low for a few weeks also but not to the point that you can't accomplish your normal day to day things. I have some some small exercises on my ball (crunches, push ups, etc) and only walked 1 mile on my treadmill since I've started. I get too scared and don't want to "waste" a week of good losses trying new things when what I'm doing is working just fine. Good luck. I hope you start and when you do, come here. You will get so much help and gain some awesome friends!
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