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Hey Mindi--
This may be a complete shot in the dark, but, I have a suggestion. I don't know what your fat totals look like, but I know for me, when I started losing weight and started counting calories, I basically started doing volumetrics, so I could get more calorie bang for my buck. I lost weight beautifully, and my diet was very veggie heavy, fruits, whole grains, and chicken a million different ways..but, what I didn't realize is I sort of had forgotten about the good fats in my diet. I think I "forgot" because I really wasn't feeling any negative affects. My hair and skin was great (probably from all the water), I was still having regular bowel function. But I noticed after I hit maintenance that I was slowly creeping up the scale again. So, I did like you did--religiously monitored my calorie intake, even cut it back 100-150 calories, and knocked off a day of hard exercise. Still, the only change was gaining. I wish I could remember the source, but I randomly came across an article that talked about how there is a gene in some women (mostly of middle eastern origin, which I am) that their bodies need those good fats for weight management. Something in me just clicked. I felt like I should try it. So, I incorporated krill oil tablets at first, and then I made sure I was getting 1 TBSP of flax oil in my diet as well. Now, I've incorporated coconut oil. I don't think the trick was not counting the calories I'd added in fat, because I did--and it was hard at first because I knew I'd be sacrificing a few hundred calories in food--but, honestly--it worked. I'm a huge fan of the coconut oil, and I think it made the difference. Now, I make sure I get my flax oil in my morning yogurt, and my coconut oil in the evening (I cook my quinoa in it, and its divine with a little turmeric ). Anyway, sorry that was long and drawn out, but my point is, my weight gain was from an underlying "need" my body was having, I just had to pin point it. And for me, it happened to be the good fats.

I still absolutely think you should go to your doctor to make sure it isn't hormonal, or something else. But, in the mean time, maybe pick up some coconut oil and flax (I like Nutiva brand for coconut oil--they sell it at whole foods), and maybe just try another little experiment.

Good luck! I hope you get your answers
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