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Default May be time to go to the doctor...

Well my weight struggles continue.

I've been keeping track of my weight daily, to see if there are any patterns developing. There aren't. It's all over the place -- up and down and up and down.

I haven't been overly stressed. This is an easy, boring time at work. Not afraid of losing my job or anything. No stress at home.

My eating has been good. I maintained at 1,850 to 1,900 calories for more than a year, but I cut back to 1,770 MAX a few weeks ago. I've been watching my carb and sodium intake and cutting back as much as possible.

Thinking maybe I was working out too much for what I was eating, I cut back on that too. Three days a week cardio and weights, two days a week of yoga. I've done this for three weeks now.

On Sunday, July 3, I weighed 140 pounds on the morning after we got back from vacation. Today, Sunday, July 24, I weigh 149. By all reasonable calculations, that means I stopped working out and over-ate 32,400 calories to gain this weight.

Let me tell ya folks, it didn't happen. I still burn an average of 1,800 calories a week, eating around 1,770 a day.

So I think maybe it's time for the doctor. May finally have my TOM soon, so I may wait 'til it's over. Maybe not. It's possible this is all hormone related, which is probably also why my cycles are 10 kinds of wacky right now.

I don't have an issue with weighing 150 pounds...just that I've gained 11 pounds for NO REASON!
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