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Esofia....I know everyone thinks I'm straight, men always hit on me and I don't know if it's because I don't give them the slightest bit of attention so they get interested....and then when I say I'm gay they LAUGH at me and say I don't look like a girlfriend is very obviously gay, she's very androgenus/sporty boyish dyke, it's like we are all suppose to follow a label and follow it? I dress how I like and yeah I love my heels and makeup but that doesn't mean I'm straight! LOL too funny how unaware people are!

ETA: Yeah lesbian drama is what comes with the territory......back in Jan my girlfriend and I split, a friend from our group tried to get really close to me, giving me emotional support etc....but when I got back with my GF she ditched the group and now talks crap about all of us......whatever......and that's just minor! I admit I have some mini crushes on a couple girls we all hang with.....It's such a fine line between friends/closeness and then that attraction....

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