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I am glad that that restaurant is not in Canada because I also think that potato looks good.

It reminds me when Outback was in Canada (they pulled out a couple of years back) and the boyfriend I was with at the time always wanted to go there so he could get a Bloomin' Onion. He loved those things and there I was, trying to choose the healthiest meal possible while he chowed down on an onion, the cup of sauce it came with and the free loaf of bread and butter they brought to the table. (I never touched the bread). All washed down with copious amounts of diet sodas.

When we got home I looked up the onion in my calorie counting books. Over 1000 calories and a TON of fat. No thanks!....and no wonder he was all sleepy and sluggish the rest of the evening.

Yeah, I would be sick if I tried to eat that whole potato.

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