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Good morning, all!

LGW: Good to see you again - isn't this thread awesome? I was very impressed with your frozen yogurt choice, I think that's an awesome way to crush the craving while reducing the damage. They don't have many frozen yogurt places where I live now, but I'm moving to Davis in September and I saw a whole bunch of places when I visited. Can't wait to try some!

alaskan: THANK YOU for being such a good person and helping a teenager find a good role model in his life. My parents and I have always had a bad relationship, but whenever I found myself really in a pinch my best friends mother was always there for me. Mama C (C was for Curcio). She died of breast cancer last year (the same as my mom has now), and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her. I can only hope to do the same for some other child one day!

Diana: Congrats on the .2!

K9: That's great to hear about your new low Krystal! And I had to laugh about you making an exception to your weigh-in day. I do the same thing! My weigh in day is Tuesdays, but I find myself doing it.... every day. Yeah. Scale addict.

Stacygee: Any kind of pre-packaged taco seasoning tends to have a lot of salt in it. I used to use Old El Paso seasoning a lot, but I'm trying to cut down on the salt so I switched to regular scratch seasoning. I'll indulge every once in a while, though, because like you said it does give a very full flavor...

shish: Sounds like you had a much better day yesterday! I must say that I do empathize with that feeling you get when cleaning... I find myself doing some of the same things every day and it drives me NUTS! Strangely enough, though, it only bothers me when I have to clean my own house. I work as a housekeeper for about 7 clients in my area, and it never bothers me when I'm cleaning for them! (Maybe it has something to do with that whole 'getting paid' thing )

JuhiR: and to this thread! It sounds like you've made a good start for yourself - I think having pizza is always better to do when you've made it yourself, versus going to Pizza Hut or some other chain. At leas you know EXACTLY what's in it, no surprises!

roadbikerchick: to the thread! Sorry to hear that you've been discouraged lately, but if you're looking for encouragement you've definitely come to the right place! Just shake it all off, and start today as a new day.

Weighed in at 230.6 today, a loss of .8 from yesterday. I've been so frustrated lately - I had that one two weeks ago where I hit 228, but after that it rocked back up and I've been stuck in the low 230s ever since. I REALLY WANT TO GET OUT OF THE 230s!!! I think the new calorie plan I'm on is good for now, hopefully it will jump start me OUT of this rut and and back on the downward slope. My goal had been to get to 219 by the end of July but at this rate I think that's unlikely. I think as long as I can get off this plateau I will be happy no matter how much I lose.

I'm forgoing the morning walk today in favor of saving my energy for housecleaning. Some friends of mine had to go out of town unexpectedly for a funeral, and they had to take their 4-month-old with them. I'm watching their cat (Willow) until they get back tomorrow, but I think it would be nice if I dusted and vacuumed while they were gone. It's so crazy having a newborn, and I always hated coming home to a messy house.

So, off to clean today, and then I start WEEK 2 of ripped in 30. I'm excited and terrified at the same time, which I think sums up my feelings about this weight-loss journey in general

One for every 10 lbs lost:

It's not about where the journey ends. It's about how you got there.

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