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I have to say that I agree, for the most part, with the general ideas that everyone has posted. I don't think that in all cases removing the child from their homes will solve any and all problems, and might even cause additional trauma for the child. However, like some of you mentioned, in situations like the one that Jolina described with her cousin's children, I feel as though that qualifies as child abuse and should be dealt with more strictly.

For the most part, stories about children who are severely overweight, such as the girl who was 400 lbs at 12, are absolutely heartbreaking, and I have to wonder that if the parents aren't at fault then who is? We are a society that seems to enjoy playing the blame game to the fullest extent, and I think there is a point when it has gone to far. Perhaps parents aren't necessarily force-feeding their children thousands of calories a day, and they may not be educated in the basics of nutrition, or have enough money to buy wholesome foods, but does this mean that society itself is to blame. Anyway, now I'm just asking somewhat rhetorical questions, but this article really got me thinking. Thanks for the input ladies!!
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