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I think it has to be decided on a case-by-case basis, because you can't assume it's always the parents fault, or even that the parents aren't doing everything possible to try to prevent it. My parents did, and I was still veyr fat.

I was a super obese child (overweight by kindergarten, and very obese by 4th grade). I weighed 190 lbs in sixth grade and 225 lb in 8th grade, and my parents did the best they could on a lower middle class income.

None of my siblings were overweight (my brother and I were adopted, and neither of us followed the weight pattern of our parents. My sisters did - both thin throughout childhood, one gaining weight in her late 20's like Mom, and one being naturally, effortlessly thin like Dad).

I was fat and my brother was underweight, and once a woman came up to my mom and started ranting at my mother for neglecting my brother and overfeeding me. She thought that my mom wasn't feeding my brother. While he was constantly being encouraged to eat, and I was constantly being told not to. She told my mom something to the effect that she should "stop feeding her, and start feeding him," and I started crying because I was hungry all the time as it is, and I was afraid that Mom would do what the lady said and stop feeding me at all. My brother ate all the time, huge amounts, but never gained weight because he had the metabolism and the activity level of a hummingbird.

My parents took us both to the doctor about our weight. At every checkup the doctor would say that my brother was healthy, and his weight on the low side, but perfectly healthy for his height.

I was put on diet after diet (with the doctor's approval). I was ravenously hungry all of the time, and I would sneek food.

My parents would have sent me to a "fat camp" if they could have afforded it.

Meals were healthy, if a little starch heavy. We always had two or more vegetables at every meal.

My parents were lucky though. We had medical insurance, two cars (even if one was a junker), kept a large garden, and Mom got her CNA license so she was taught about nutrition, and their income was sufficient for decent groceries. I was still fat. But if my parents had been less educated with less money and fewer resources, my situation could have been so much worse.

If the parents are ignoring and refusing the help offered by social services, that's one thing - if the resources aren't available, that's another.
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