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My cousin was overweight. She was also on welfare.

Being on welfare embarrassed her. She deliberately stuffed her kids with snacks and fattening foods because, she "didn't want anyone to think she was starving her kids."

All 3 of her kids became overweight. The oldest daughter weighed 300 pounds in the 8th grade.
I tried to tell her she was destroying her kids health and social life.
She would not listen.

Yes, I think her kids should have been taken away until counseling could straighten out her distorted thinking.

My cousin was the problem. She taught those kids really bad eating habits and ruined their childhood, just because of her crazy attitude. She wanted to surround herself with fatties to draw attention away from her fat self. She was embarrassed about her own overweight, but loved to overeat.

The kids would have been better off taken away for awhile, until she could correct her personal problems.

But she remarried when the oldest was 10. And she continued to stuff those kids...welfare or no welfare. It was sad.

When her daughter finally left home she was able to go on a diet. Her mom refused to allow any dieting while she lived at home as a teenager.
The daughter really resents her mom and rarely sees her.

Removing the kids from an abusive home like this would be a blessing for them.
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