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I have a hobby that makes moving difficult: Gaming! I play games that I sit down and concentrate on, so it takes some willpower to get my butt up and move. Gaming is great fun, but I'm having to take great care to make sure that my gaming is worked around my fitness routine... and not the other way around!
My boyfriend has the same issue! He's a big gamer, and he struggles to stop playing and get up and go to the gym.

Originally Posted by berryblondeboys View Post
But if you love to bake, you love to create, so delving into other types of food should be easy.
Not true at all. I am not very good at cooking at all. I enjoy it, but I'm no good. There's some fundamental differences between baking and cooking.

And I bake for other people - not myself. My husband and kids sometimes, but I'll volunteer to make the 100 cookies for the holiday fund raiser and so on. LOTS of ways to explore and learn more!
I think this is what I'm going to have to do - bake for other people. It won't help me to stop munching while I'm making them, but I can keep myself from eating the results.

Thanks for all of the advice everyone! Sounds like baking for other people is the way to go.
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