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Hey everybody, seems like everyone is very busy now and that's usually when it's the hardest to stay on schedule and the easiest time to grab bad food, so hang in there everybody. These are a few of the things I do to get through, when I can't make my regular trip to the gym I fit spot exercises into my day, everybody stops for bathroom breaks so everytime I'd stop I'd take an extra two minutes to do a couple sets of stretches or squats or standing pushups leaning against a wall. As for the food dilemma, I just don't cheat, it was hard at first (very hard!!), there are always snacks out at my job, but I realized I wanted to change my body way more than I wanted that cookie. Over time it gets easier (really, it does). And then you start to see results like princess phoebe just wrote about, congratulations girl, isn't that close to one of the best feelings in the world? Finally seeing your work pay off, that's what we're all working towards, the journey is long and hard, but it's worth it!

Krista-I can't remember offhand which video I have I'm writing myself I note to check when I get home, but I do like it. The pilates classes around Chicago are just too expensive and they don't have any at the club I work out at. It's tough at first, but the woman on my tape is very encouraging and addresses all levels of participants.

Thanks for listening-chubs2
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