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alaskan: good luck on your DH's surgery today, I'll be thinking of you both

berry: I hope your son is continuing to feel better. My son is 13 and on the spectrum, you have my sympathy with trying to get meds in. Mine is fine with them now but when he was younger it was such a battle.

I toughed it out yesterday and had a pretty good day overall. Even took some time to prepare some healthy foods ahead for the week. Made a new low carb dessert that everyone loved. It was very sweet. It felt like cheating but it wasn't. Not sure how I feel about that yet. It used lf coolwhip so not the most natural, healthy product on the planet, but it satisfied.

I've been on a kick lately of watching those hoarding shows. I used to watch Clean House all the time and get organizing tips and motivation from that. The hoarding shows are not so feel good, but they do suck me in. Watching one last night the therapist working with the woman was making her identify her feelings and repeat them over and over. (The woman felt she was robbing her children of a normal life with her hoarding, so she had to say over and over "I'm robbing the children, I'm robbing the children"). I found myself almost in tears watching. The therapist was talking about how she needed to learn to sit with her negative feelings, to feel them and not numb them/stuff them down by buying more stuff. That is something I so need to learn to do. And to not let the negative feeling bring me to a state of panic. It's interesting to draw the parallels. Thin people look at me and they don't know how I could let myself go like this. People with a normal house look at the hoard and don't know how they could let it get so bad. Both are about emotions and a dysfunctional way of dealing with them. It seems any activity can be taken to an extreme and used as a way to self medicate. I find it fascinating. And daunting. How does one unlearn such deep rooted habits so connected to emotional need. How does one replace them on an instinctual level with healthier coping mechanisms.

Oh! I almost the risk of jinxing myself...I think there is a very good chance I will be under 260 by my official Friday weigh in day! The scale has been moving steadily downward. Woohoo!

Happy, healthy Monday to all!
I've been in the 100lb Club, 300+ Club, 30-Somethings (now I'm 40-something), Alternachicks, Chicks up for a Challenge. I have Type 2 Diabetes, have been on meds for depression, struggled with binge eating and exercise motivation. I've been a calorie counter & a carb counter. I've been here off and on since August 2007.

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