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Question I've got eating issues... don't we all? LOL

But I'm not HUNGRY! I am two days in, and the other day I had 3 points left over, and today 8. A whopping EIGHT points. And I'm not under eating. I'm eating 3 meals, water instead of drinks/soda (ok. I had a coke today. Still under 8 points)

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'll post today's food... (please no judging! I'm new, I used to only eat ONE meal a day, and I'm trying to get used to eating period PLUS eating healthy... we were also out most of the day...)

Well... I guess today I could have eaten Breakfast. That would probably have solved my problem. Anyways.

Lunch (early though! It was around 10:30 or so)
I had this Oscar Meyer sandwich combo... it had a flat bread ham and swiss with grey poupon (Idk what kind, but it was HOT), and it came with a 100 calorie snack mix and a jello mousse thing) and a vitamin water. (nasty. Never again. Yuck. DH's flavored tea however... it was YUMMY. I got jealous.)
That came out to 10 pts. (Vitamin water 0. But it was... it didn't taste like FRUIT! I'd rather plain water than that)

I had the coke. It was 7 points. I regretted it. It made me feel bloated, so I think my addiction is GONE.

I had a potato with cheese, bacon bits and margarine. That came out to 6 points.

And then I had a frozen fruit bar that was 1 point

Y'all... I'm not hungry. Is it something I need to maybe work up to? I used to eat SO MUCH, but then... it seems like if I eat too much I feel sick. I want to eat, but I'm not hungry and I'm afraid of making myself sick again. I really don't know what to do.
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