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I spent 35 years on the perfect or lousy roller coaster. I was either perfect or bingeing, because I believed that bingeing or even one bite off plan was "blowing it" (no sort of about it).

Every one of the 91 lbs I've lost so far has been by "blowing it" by my old definition. I can truthfully say that I "failed off" 91 lbs. I make as many or more mistakes than I did before, except I don't see them as a reason to make bigger mistakes. I just pick myself up and keep going. No more telling myself that I've blown it (sort of or not). The only way I can blow it, is by deciding that a mistake justifies a bigger mistake (might as well really blow it and start fresh at some future point in time - I don't do that kind of thinking anymore).

In all 91 lbs lost, I don't think I've even had a perfect week.

You don't have to be perfect, you only have to be better.

I'm not saying you shouldn't stick as closely to your plan, as possible - but life happens.

I try to look at weight loss as if I were climing a steep mountain. If I tripped and fell mountain climing, I wouldn't throw myself to the bottom of the steepest canyon, and decide I'll start fresh tomorrow (if I survive the fall).

If I trip, I pick myself up and keep going. Just by giving up the "throwing myself to the bottom" I've climbed higher than I ever have before, and I've not had a significant backslide in all that time either. I may struggle with a few pounds around TOM, but for the most part I've only moved onward, not forward and back a thousand times like I did for the first 35 years of my dieting.

So unless you've given up, you most assuredly did not blow it, not even kind of, sort of.
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