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Default 4Week Challenge! 6/3/03---7/03/03

This challenge is for EVERYONE! We have no special diet and no miracle pills to talk about lol. But we do have awesome support and great tips to help us along the way. Just send me a PM and let me know how many pounds you will challenge yourself to lose in 4 weeks. We weigh in every Saturday. Just let me know if you lost ,gained or maintained for the week and I will edit a chart. This isnt a race or a contest.I've been asked where I get the willpower to do this and go on. The honest truth is I've been tempted almost every single day. The only difference this time that "I got tired of being tired" I was the type to start a diet every monday. I used to say that I was dieting for myself but the honest truth was I was dieting for someone else and as we all know that doesnt work! Doing it for yourself is the only reason you should do this.

Gen..Goal... Maintain current weight!\

Kempyd ..Goal ..6 lbs

AngieMe..Goal..7 lbs

wishmeluck130lbs.Goal.. 5lbs

Gigglez Goal.. 8 lbs

Jen519..Goal..8 lbs

Dustcatcher..Goal 8 lbs

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