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Originally Posted by Michinmn View Post
The blender me and hubby saw at Costco was BlendTec.

It is expensive but you dont have to worry about the machine breaking and you can do all the blending at one time, no need to stop to add ice cubes little at a time. Put them in at same time.

The website has awesome recipes too like tortilla soup, and a yummy key lime ice cream treat that is made out of spinach. I don't even like key lime stuff and this is one of mf favorites!!!
That is how I purchased my Blend-tec! I was orginally wanting the vita-mix but they didn't have one and I was so impressed with the blend-tec. As a barista/pro smoothie maker hehe, I've used both. The blend-tec is nice because you put everything in, push "smoothie" and 30 seconds later you have liquid perfection! But vita-mixes are more popular I'd say, so either would be a great purchase and lifelong friend!
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