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Hey, hello everyone. First of all, OMG, SAPF! I live like, 70 minutes away from Superior! That's crazy to think that one of you actually is "nearby." Heh heh.

Welll...... Friday is the last day of my (high school) freshman year. I am so excited for summer vacation. I'm having a party Friday night with like, 6 of my friends. Also, tomorrow is Academic awards night and I'm recieving the highest honors in English, math, science, and global studies, so that's VERY exciting and I'm proud of myself. 4.0 GPA for the year! Whew, now if only I can keep it up without going insane.

What is it with U-Haul? I seriously will never use them when the time comes for me to move. Geeze Louise. Have a great week everyone. -Apryl