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They had the seminar at my doctors office where I get Ideal Protein. A couple of coaches spoke about the diet, had samples of the food, talked about the phases, what's allowed, what isn't etc... It was a basic overview of IP. I think it was just something that my doctor and some of the local coaches decided to do. I don't think that it is necessarily something that IP puts on.

One of the coaches said that IP just made egg whites "free". I would check with your coach to be sure, but my coach was there and she said told me yes, egg whites are unlimited. This is probably very new information and your coach might not have had an opportunity to tell you yet, depending on your WI schedule. I WI on Wednesday morning and my coach did not have this information. However, she had it Thursday evening.

I too used to eat egg whites, scrambled, every morning for breakfast before starting IP, so I am excited to bring them back. Plus it will be nice to have eggs and coffee for bfast, instead of just coffee.

Jessica- yes, just make hard boiled eggs the normal way, just don't eat the yolk.
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