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Mine are:

The Facebook thing, a little different than everyone else's... there are NO photos of me on FB as fat, because I don't let anyone take photos these days. But seeing how I looked as a slender person for years and years made me realize how ashamed I am of the weight gain. I looked great, and I'd like to look that way again.

My boyfriend left a few months ago. It wasn't because of my weight but because of deep, intrinsic philosophical differences between us that could not be overcome. Though we had discussed these differences at length during our courtship and he had assured me they would not present a problem for him, it seems he was wrong. I miss him very much. I'm trying to move on, and it occurred to me that the ONLY thing holding me back was my weight. And I thought, WHY am I not doing something about the one thing that keeps me from taking on life as I once did? I realized that my weight was a consideration in nearly everything I did -- or didn't do. That really was the last straw.
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