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Great morning, everyone. Now that the school year is over, I spend the days with my two kids and my girlfriend's two as well. I do NOT know how people actually HAVE 4 kids (or more . . .)! I only have them from 8-5 four days a week, and I am tired after only two days!

Overall plan for the day - breakfast is done, computer time is done, and they are happily playing in the basement now. We will spend an hour or so at the bowling alley (kids bowl 2 games a day FREE in the summer for the cost of shoes), have lunch, and then hit the pool for the afternoon. Tonight is kids eat for $1.99 at Friendly's, so expect a trip out there. They have a delicious (yes - delicious - even at Friendly's) chicken/apple/walnut salad that I love.

I think of all of you with your various pets, kids, and chores. I am really glad to know you are all out there.
Linda - I am with you about the pool time - we will head to the pool , but I have learned to not bother getting on the raft with the 4 of them around - lol.
Karen - the last time DH tried to fix something like that, we had a flood of epic proportion. I now have a "Steve" who comes and deals with whatever I can't do.
Debbie - hurrah for rescue dogs. My mom works for a golden retriever rescue - you do great work!! Both the dogs and the people benefit in so many ways.
Ruth - I am dreaming about rum cake now . . . mmmmmm.
Cyndi - I am saying a little prayer about that specialist appt.
Matilda - please come visit me and help me clear out MY kids' bedrooms! I think I need a day when they are not at home to actually get anything DONE in their rooms.
Kristen - great news finding ways to avoid the regain!

Everyone - be well.

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