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Bandit: I'm with you on the challenge! Would love to see if I could actually lose 10 lbs and not gain it back... LOL what a concept! I am getting prices to have an extremely large tree taken down out of our yard... it is leaning towards our house so I know what you mean about being nervous. The first price was 2500.00, the second price was 3600.00 - we are in the process of calling a third company to get the final one before we pick the company that will take the tree out.

Judy: I am so sorry to hear about your hives! Ugh, I really wish the doctors could figure that one out for you. I have a call into my doctor finally, woke up to my TOM yesterday and with it a very large nasty migraine - I have not had a real migraine in about three years so this new side effect of the TOM has me very worried since I have a hard time functioning on any level with Migraines and even after I take the meds I am normally down for the day. Should hear back from the doctor tomorrow to see what she thinks and what can be done to get this all under control. I am sure it is peri-menopause and the hormones are causing it all but we need to get this leveled out some how...

Terri: Congrats on the walk, that is a wonderful step in the right direction!

Life: LOL - the last time I tried Zumba I quit about half way thru the tape/workout, I forgot how intense that is!

Have to run but wanted to check back in quickly.
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