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Just keep things as simple as possible. I haven't faced that kind of stress (I'm so sorry I can't even imagine what you're going through) but when things are just crazy busy and I feel ovewhelmed, I work on just keeping things basic - I have a few meals I eat out (like a small sub or a chicken pita) that I know the calories of, so I just eat that - or I keep more convenience snacks like 100 calorie packs and other things I can keep track of easily. I just came back from a really insane business trip and I was very worried about food, but was able, using the above plan, to actually lose another pound. It's not the healthiest and I did try to get in as many easy healthy things in there as possible too (like bananas and apples or cut up veggies like cucumbers and carrots) but it worked and I was able to stay on plan (for me, my plan simply consists of a certain calorie level). If I were you, for now, I wouldn't stress about exercise and just move when you can, and try very hard to keep your food choices in check. Good luck and I will be thinking of you!

ETA: I also find, that when I am stressed about other things, I take a certain comfort in keeping control of food. Sometimes it is the one thing I have control over, when things are going haywire. It's quite a switch for me for when I ate for comfort!
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