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Default Do you ever lift what you've lost?

The bench press machine in my gym is a Hammer Strength one that uses plates, and the big boys who use the place, bless their hearts, always load it up with their 25kg (55lb) plates and then leave them there. So I have take them off to replace them with my 10kg plates. And every time I do that -- pick up one at a time, lift with the legs, not with the back, LOL -- and carefully carry them across the room back to their rack, I think, "I used to carry this weight ALL THE TIME. How the f$%#!k did I DO that? I used to carry this up three flights of stairs! I used to hike up and down friggin' MOUNTAINS carrying this!"

Next time I read some internet commenter ranting about lazy fat people, I am just gonna laugh quietly to myself.
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