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Good morning Looks like a pretty nice early summer day here too. I'm really enjoying all the orioles in our yard (a least 5-6) even though I am going through almost a jar of jelly a day! Speaking of the yard it rained too much to mow yesterday and I'm really hoping it will dry out enough to get to it today.

Debbie - Enjoy your summer day

Cottage - Great job last night You reminded me I need to go to the laundromat with the big washer for my bedspread. I'll have to plan other errands in town.

Not a lot of energy here this morning. DW is still dealing with the double vision thing though the allergies seem better. It started at the worst possible time between primary care docs so there's no one managing the issue and no one really pushing it except her. Right now we are supposed to wait until Sept to see a specialist and mid-July for the new primary. It's all a bit stressful but we are trying to slog through. Anyway, that's enough of that.

Today I hope to get the yard done, some laundry, weeding and planting. I'm sure it will be another grill night too. Last night I made stuffed portabellos with spinach, Gimme Lean & feta on the grill. Yum

How is your weekend shaping up?
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