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I made a thread about this as well .... I lost weight with the Momentum plan relatively easy... put some back on after 2 knee replacements thought Id give this new Points Plus a try.... lost 1 lb the first week, .4 the next nothing the 3rd and gained on the 4th week.. I track and Im sure I even ADD more points to some things... I did mention I eat more fruit but I sure as heck dont eat 10 servings a day..

I tossed all my old Momentum books away because I go to meetings and figured I would do like I did before.. listen to the leader and the folks around me..and use the NEW STUFF... I have a couple gals that were going pre PP and they arent losing like they did before either.. Sure its a better way to eat but its quite discouraging when you did really well before and now its a struggle.. and I know me if I have to struggle to lose the weight I will stop going and TRY and do it on my own..... and we know what happens then!!

Good luck to you girlsenberry!! I know how you feel!!
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