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S/C/G: 200 / 180? / 140

Height: 5'4"


Think about it this way: Their stated weight limit is 300 lbs. So someone who is 299 can be running on that thing and according to their specs it'll be fine. Now, think about the forces involved in running vs walking. Clearly, that 299 lb person is going to be doing a lot more to that machine by running on it than you at 321 will be doing when walking. So don't worry about it! I might advise not running on it for the time being, but I'd bet a light jog wouldn't hurt it too much. Yes, I'm sure the treads will wear down more quickly for you than for someone who weighs 120 lbs soaking wet, but that'd be true for someone at 299, or 250 as well. Don't sweat it. You have it, use it! And enjoy yourself!

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