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Originally Posted by silverbirch View Post
Thanks for starting this thread, Lucky! I'm interested to see how you progress. It sounds as though you're off to a good start. Good luck!
Thanks, I feel like I'm in good hands!

Originally Posted by Tejas View Post
Have you tried Oikos Greek Yogurt?
No, I haven't seen that in the store, but I will keep an eye out! I hope it's cheaper than Liberte, which is about $5 for a container

Diet: Today is my 12th day of following the nutrition plan. I've pretty much embraced it so far. Except for my sushi incident, I've been happy to stick to it 100%. That's even more impressive for me because they were handing out cake at my desk job and there's always TONS of junk food in the hospital's break room at my nursing job. But I gave the link to my food journal to Kaylie, and just knowing she could log in at any time and see what I was eating is very effective for NOT eating it! It's also been my mantra that anything I put in my body should SERVE my body and that's helped change my mindset little by little too.

Workout: Today was my third full workout session with Kaylie.

3 circuits of the following:

- walking lunges holding 12 lb dumbells
- pushups on the bosu, I surprised myself by how many I could do on my toes before going on my knees!
- 12 lb dumbell press on the ball. Oh my god my butt!!
- 60 second bursts on the VersaClimber

2 circuits of the following:

- bench dips
- BURPEES - who invented this torture??? Those are killer!
- side leg raises on the ball
- 12 lb deadlifts with row
- passing the ball from feet to hands with a crunch
- alternating leg/arm superman raises on the bosu

Results: I was very fatigued going into my workout today because I worked till midnight last night at the hospital and my workout was at 0800. I also felt this painful twinge above my right glutes (basically where my back dimple would be, if I could see it!) that started during my workout last time and went away. Kaylie had me using the foam roller to really get in there and I think that helped. I hope. I was feeling it during the workout today for sure. She did a great job at helping me find the spot and work through it.

On my 3rd time on the VersaClimber, Kaylie asked me to pick up the speed because it was my last time on it today, so I really went for it! She showed me after that I was not all that far behind the top performing girls in the gym, so that would be something for us to work towards! Wow, awesome

No real change on the scale yet, although that doesn't surprise me, I've always been scale-challenged. It's one of those things where I need to have faith that I'm doing right by my body and the difference will be in how my clothes fit. It's been tough for me in the past because I feel like I'm not getting any results, but the pictures don't lie, right?
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