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Is it Friday yet?
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Friday eve!

Ooooh, loving the new thread! Very clean, happy, inspiring and it *feels* like a fresh start doesn't it?

Had a huge post for yesterday but never got to it - it would've contained too many words that 3FC won't allow on posts. In a nutshell we found out my Mom's 1st surgeon both witheld information and lied to us about her diagnosis so things aren't quite as rosy as we were led to think. Thank the powers that be for that 2nd opinion Dr. Mom figuratively ran screaming from Dr. #1 - things will still be ok, but it would've been nice to have been prepaired for what we're looking at now... What a $(&^!#@ jerk!

Semi related, said bad news did NOT set me off on a pizza-fest. Oh, I wanted to, bad, but didn't. Yeah me!

Anagram - Congratulations on your 1 year weightaversary! (I can make up words right?)

Wildfire - Good luck in your evaluations! Viva la revolution!!!!!

Ceara - A new puppy??? Awwwww.... I want one! I've tried accupuncture for weight loss, but all it did was make my kidneys hurt (no joke) so I quit. Glad your shoulder's better too!

Kaylets - I agree. I've been in groups before that were ok, but if you were new you felt like an outsider - I hope we're not like that since we've been together so long now! I really think we should all meet someday...

Frogger - The cake is beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time on the honeymoon even if the weather didn't quite cooperate. I could mention my theory for your weight loss but I'm just not gonna' go there!

ZadieK - Welcome!!!! I used to think if I was only 6'9 I'd not be overweight at all! Although I'm am very thankful to be 5'6 1/4 (don't forget that 1/4!). And also, yes, eating at work is a problem because my office is in my Mom's house! We own a California company and run it from my Mom's living room - so the kitchen's like 15 feet away! It's better since I moved out, but still - it's Mom's house and there's always food!

Q o' the Day - Music, daily if not moreso Everything from Godsmack to Norah Jones. Etta James to America. I love music, not specific types of music.

Time to get some work done I guess....

Punkin o' tomorrow's FRIDAY!!!!!
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