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We had a beautful day yesterday and I was outside all day but stayed under the "reception" tents..I'm so fair and very careful in the sun.

I even went for a 6:30 a.m. walk yesterday morning before church. I was feeling so good about going for that walk on Sat and Sun morning and it does set my head straight for staying On Plan.

I don't know if all the fresh air contributed to the migraine I got last night about 6:30 but it knocked me off my feet and today I still feel it some.
I seem to be getting these mirgraines around the 10-14 day of the month and that would be ovulation time, so I think it's something to do with hormones. I'm going to talk to my GYN about it in August when I go.

Arabella: Doesn't it feel good to get stronger? So you are a singer?! That is great..I do a bit of singing myself. I sing a lot at church and do solos when asked and I sing at weddings and I've sang at two funerals--those are hard.
I like to sing with a choir because it really helps me to improve my voice, range and pitch for those solo times.

Carri: I hope the sunburn isn't to bad. It looks like you are on track for a good loss this week!

Food for June 12
b=2 p of bacon, 1 pancake with syrup
L=1/2 Peanut butter sandwich, grapes
S=1 p of cake at Anniversary open house and 1 p of cake at b-day party
D=Nothing....migraine makes my stomach upset.
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