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Morning All - it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here, perfect temps...around 75-77all weekend and I was outside mostly all day yesterday and guess what? Yep I have some major sunburn, even used some sunscreen but guess i didnt put it on as well as I thought, boy sunburn really stings...but it was just such great weather I had to be out in it. I didnt do to bad food wise....I was down 3 pds to 224.8 on Saturday so yay !!!!! but sunday I did go over cals as we had a cookout at a friends house and there were some not so diet friendly foods around...but I could have done worse...hoping for another good loss this week...

Susie - 4.75 pd loss??? CONGRATS !!!! that is so wonderful !!!!

Arabella - okay, that is it, I am moving to Canada - those are my kind of temps...I just like it cooler year round...although if we could keep this kind of summer weather in the 70's I would love it !!

Liz - the ceiling fan looks great !! It really makes the living room look on to the next project of finishing the basement...and it is going to be a BIG one....ughhhhhhh

Mel - dont get too down, at least you are maintaining in the low 190' can turn things around.

Auntie G - Hi !! what was your loss last week? You have been doing such a great job !

Everybody have a great day, I am going to go out at lunch and enjoy more of this lovely weather while I can....probably next week it will be back in the mid 90's.

See ya

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