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Good morning. I've gotten my walk, pushups and streatching in for the day!

It is a busy day for me and one where I'm going to have to be careful with the food. We have church this morning, then home for a quick lunch, then a 50th Anniversary party to attend, then a 4 yr old birthday party to attend..and some where in there we need to do a bit of grocery shopping!

I did very well at the Bannana Split Festival last night. I had a deluxe baked potato and 1 dip in a cup of strawberry ice I carried my 3 month old nephew around most of the time--he was 15 lbs--I can feel it in my arms this morning!

Mel: So good to see you here! You do have a challenge with being on the go so much this summer. I will suggest that maybe you freeze, grapes, strawberries etc and have them so you can pluck them out of the freezer--have them in little snack bags ready to go, and put them in a insulated cooler along with bottles of water, and maybe keep or make snack size bags of pretzals, maybe a nut mixture made up so you can toss those into your cooler as well and then when you stop to get something to eat, and I am assuming that most of the time it will be fast food?, then you have things to go with that sandwhich for all of you and it will be healthier than fries and sodas. Also, while they aren't all that calorie friendly most places have a salad you can order.
I'll keep thinking about it and do some online reserch as well. Also, if you are at a ballgame watching your kids or their practices, be sure to stand more than sit and maybe go for a walk around the park or the field.

Liz: How were the low calorie burgers?

Hi Carri, Arabella, & Auntie

Food for June 11
B=2 p of bacon and 2 glazed doughnuts (I know..but oh well! )
L=wheat pasta with spinich, and broccoli in a walnut pesto sauce
S=2 snickerdoodle cookies
D=1 loaded baked potato, 1 scoop of strawberry ice cream in a cup
Lots and Lots of Water all day!

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