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I am some great news to report! I had a 4.75 lb loss at TOPS last night. I was shocked...I thought I was down about 2 lbs so I'm really, really happy.

I looked back over my food chart and looking at it, I can say that I think I ate more calories this past week but those calories were from protein, fiber and veggies and I watched my intake of saltly foods. I will continue to try and do this. The only night that I eat "bad" is after my TOPS weigh-in..I don't "throw it all out the door" but I will have fries, or Gold Star...and I'm ok with that.

Mel: Being off a schedule is really hard and you are correct it will bring you stress, so yes you do need to find a plan to deal with both of those. Do you have any ideas how to in mind? It looks like you are doing something right, those numbers on the scales look good! It's really, really good to hear from you.

Carri: I bet you have a great loss next week--that is what happened to me. The week before I did pretty well or so I thought but when I weighed it didn't show. So I just went forward and did well this week and they both showed up!

Liz, Auntie and Arabella--Hope to hear from you guys soon.
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