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I'm exhausted. My work yesterday was a mental challenge to say the least. We've started pumping 1.9 million gallons and it's work. This is usually done in the mid part of July to late September.

Went to bed early to wake up with an allergy attack about 2 a.m this morning. Think the neighbors all decided to mow their lawns yesterday. Got up to take a Claritin and woke up around 9.30 a.m. with the door bell ringing. I wasn't dressed to go to the door. I'm very light headed today and am not doing much of nothing. My head will not let me. My bp is okay so I'm sure it's due to my allergy attack. Head and ears is still full of fluid.

I need to sit down and make out a budget. Made my first car payment Tuesday night. I realize that the taxes on the car are a one time thing but wow what a hunk of change came out of my checking account.

Thank you for sending Mel a care package.

That's sweet of you to send Mel a care package also.

That's a good idea just to do the ball exercises for Zumba. I'd like to have some of that cool air that goes along with those big boomers--not the lightning nor the hail.

Yea for the new router. I'm trying to keep all my t.v's and computers on a power strip and even unplug them in case a storm or the electric goes off. It's been so hot the power grid's are over heating. Or a small animal sit's on a fuse.

Stay cool. When you get through with the girl's closet's you are more than welcome to come and do mine.

Going to drive out to Huddle House to grab a cheeseburger. They make the best.
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