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cookbooks I love:
The Happy Herbivore by ---- someone whose name escapes me
Vegetarian Times Fast & Easy
Appetite for Reduction by Moskowitz (also her Vegan Brunch)
Get Healthy Go Vegan by Barnard
many cookbooks by Robin Robertson

Tofu can be baked in a lot of different ways and recipe books are the best way to find good options. The one thing no one told me when I started using it was that you have to press it before you do anything with it. Drain the liquid, put it on a bunch of paper towels or a clean, lint-free kitchen towel, put more towels on top, and put something heavy (like a glass dish or a heavy skillet) on top of it for 20 min or so. That presses out the extra liquid and gives it a better texture. Otherwise it can be terribly watery in recipes. I have a manicotti recipe that uses silken tofu (no pressing needed in that case) instead of ricotta cheese and my family didn't know the difference.

I've tried a few tempeh recipes and just can't develop a taste for it. I had a tempeh sandwich in a restaurant and loved it, but when I've baked it myself or used it in recipes, I have to force myself to eat it. So we eat a lot of bean recipes.
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