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Thanks for the advice. I have been successful on WW before in the past but am finding that it's not working as well for me in my late 40's. I do believe that the problem is that I love carbs - so my WW diet meals are all carb - I know that it should be whole grains, beans, etc. but that still seems to stop my from losing.

What I'm thinking is to have my carbs in the A.M - like a bowl of cereal and then try to avoid them the rest of the day more or less. I'm so appreciative of that link to the ex-pats forum, living in Mexico for a few months a year has its' challenges. I do find that I eat healhier when I am there but I tend towards lots of fruit. Again, the carb issue.

I'm hoping to drop 20 lbs or so and then be able to follow a WW type diet and watch the carb intake - I believe that will work!!

Thanks again!
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