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Default This time it's for real!!

Hi girls!
Let me briefly introduce myself and my goals
I am Tina, I am 33, mom of 5 1/2 year old twins. I was (all my life) a lean girl until at age 24 we started trying for a baby and I did 3 years of various infertility treatments, pills, shots, pretty much anything my doctor(s) could get their hands on... Eventually, I got pregnant but at that poing had gained 100lbs!! I went from a size 12 to a size 22!!!

Then I had a super stressful and difficult pregnancy, lost one of my triplets, my boys were preemies, one suffered brain damage and then the road to getting John to his feet started...I never lost the weight (I only gained 26lbs during my pregnancy which I lost the minute the boys were out of me).

For a few years it was at the back of my mind but I am a very active mom, although I am married, my husband works two jobs (I also work) so I am all alone in everything, I am on my feet almost all day. I do not exercise other than walking for 30 minutes every day vigorously.

I think the wake up call came for me, when we decided we want another baby. NO way I am getting pregnant weighing this much.
I now weigh 266lbs and I am 5' 7". Quantity wise I do not eat that much but after reading the South Beach diet book I came to realize I was eating ALL THE WRONG THINGS!!! (except white bread lol).

I have been on P1 losely for a week but strictly only for 3 days and I have already lost more than 4lbs!! I am SO determined this time mainly because it is SO easy. I haven't been hungry, I went to a Christening yesterday and at the party afterwards I ate until I wasn't hungry anymore and everything in my plate was on the South Beach food list (lean meat, salad and low fat cheese).
I even had a cup of coffee later (I bring my own sugra substitute and low fat milk) and a glass of Diet Cola.

For a moment I wanted to grab some fresh cherries and strawberries as I am a huge fruit eater but every time I had a "pang" for fruit I got up and put some more salad and meat in my plate until I wasn't hungry anymore.
Another trick I do is, I always go for the small, dessert plates rather than the huge dinner plates. That makes get up and go through the line again if I am hungry and forces me to think about what and how much I am eating.

I am also adding swimming to my regimen, twice a week but we will probably do more than that now that it is summer. We live in Athens, Greece and any beach is about 20 minutes away from where I live.

I am a bit scared of messing up the diet but my best friend is also on a diet (the Duncan diet) so we are spurring each on. She was the first person I called this morning to tell her I've lost 4lbs already and the first few days I was loose about it lol

Ok so that's it for now
Keeping my fingers crossed
"If you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain!"
"Anyone who says money can't buy happiness, never had to pay for infertility treatment."

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