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Banana bread!!!!!! ... I could devour a whole loaf right about now ...

Ryeb: Best luck this weekend, I hope it all goes as planned and you have a blast! -- (looking forward to updates on Monday)

Lovely: I am glad to hear all is going well .. "in the mood for weight loss" ...I like that

3trip: Good luck!!!!! -- keep the focus --- it seems all that household work will keep you moving today -- dont forget to crank up some good music when you are at it

..Today is turning up to be a bit more relaxing than yesterday. I went to Houlihans and ordered a 1/2 lb burger with no salt ( sodium poors out of my ears the way i eat fast food - so I am making a serious effort to cut it out) --- 650 cal! Only the meat! --- How can that be possible? That is half of my caloric allowance for the day.... I wish I had a kitchen.... See? ...the things we take for granted

...and lots of green tea from the hotel complementary desk

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